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Directors’ Message

Ikhlas International Schools, an aspiration and a dream shared by thousands of Muslims within Pakistan and abroad, are Pakistan’s First Tarbiyah Based Science Schools. It is pride project of DIRECTION Group of Schools established with a team of dynamic, sincere and passionate individuals. We aspire to set up new standards of education that will yield students of knowledge and moral excellence, whose hearts are filled with trust in Allah and love of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and who will excel academically, professionally, and spiritually not only in Pakistan but all over the globe.

The purpose of Ikhlas International Schools is to provide affordable, quality education, fostering academic excellence along with cultivating an Islamic spirit blended with profound love and reverence of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in each student.

Peace, integrity, cooperation and rich advancement of our society is plainly based on meaningful and productive education of our generation. The in-house research & development team & curriculum experts of Iklhas International Schools are constantly engaged in developing the education system and curriculum that focuses on 21st century learning, critical thinking and project-based approaches that enable students to reach their greatest potential. The holistically designed curriculum cultivates the analytical and creative abilities of the students.

We promise best of modern, research-based educational methodologies designed to maximize every student’s capability along with preparing them to live their lives according to the values and teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. We sincerely endeavour to shape productive leaders of society, we seek Allah’s help in this noble mission.


Muhammad Shabbir Jaffar

Founder and Managing Director

  • Established and Headed publishing and Production Departments of one of the most renowned publishing houses in Pakistan for 15 years.
  • Supervised the development of various academic book series of the largest School Networks in Pakistan.
  • Established 41 campuses of an International Islamic school System in Pakistan and overseas as a Managing Director.
  • Headed almost 1400 employees of School Operations, Training, Academic and publications Departments.
  •  Founder and Managing Director of Direction Group of Schools.
  •  Educational Consultant of a Dynamic School Management Software.
  •  Developed multiple Educational products and projects.

Sahibzada Muhammed Naeem Uddin Shah

Executive Director Finance
  • An energetic Foreign Qualified Entrepreneur
  • A mentor and guide for hundreds of learners
  • Associated with Pakistan’s renowned educational institutions for years
  • Director of Multiple companies
  • A motivational speaker and workshop facilitator
  • Leading an education Institutions

Dr. Saqib Muhammed Khan

Co-founder and Director Research & Development

  • 2 – Decade experience of teaching in well reputed renowned Schools and Universities.
  • Author of Internationally endorsed academic books and thought provoking Islamic books.
  • 10 research papers in national / International conference and renowned research Journals.
  • Founder member of nine educational, Islamic and research Institutions.
  • PhD. in ‘Quranic concepts of human behavior
  • Director Seerat Encyclopedia Project
  • Licensed NLP Practitioner Trainer with a wide experience of Training and lectures in reputed institutions on various educational and moral subjects.
  • Conceived, prepared and supervised content of various Islamic programs / transmissions For the most eminent TV channel of Pakistan for 3 years.

Syed Atiq-ur-Rehman Bukhari

Director Marketing

  • An Aalim, Educationalist & Entrepreneur.
  • Director of 56 Educational Institutions.
  • Extensive Entrepreneurship experience in managing multiple organizations.
  • Associated with a forum that has been educating society for 50 years.
  • A moderator and motivational speaker.
  • Head of hundreds of students in multiple institutions.
  • A vast experience of establishing educational institutions.
  • A mentor for youngsters.
  • Years long international exposure of business.

Muhammad Abid Ali

Director Operations Punjab

  • 24 years’ experience in School Education
  • 12 years’ experience of headship along with operations of 8 schools
  • A motivational speaker and trainer
  • Served in the areas of school inspection and teacher evaluation for years
  • Served as a regional director of an international Islamic School System in Punjab.

Muhammed Asif Raza

Director Sales

  • A smart entrepreneur –Established and managed a well – reputed organization in the UK for 20 yrs.
  • A philanthropist – having decade – long experience of charity work in the UK.
  • President of a nationwide charity organization in Pakistan.
  • Director of two organizations.


“A successful life leading towards Paradise”

Ikhlas International Schools are determined to produce well educated Practising Muslims who get through the remarkable success in their lives and attain Paradise in the hereafter. Our mission is to bring advanced high calibre education approachable to middle-class sector of the society.


“Say: He is Allah, the One and Only Allah, the Eternal, Absolute. He has no offspring, nor is He born from anything. And there is none equal to Him.” 

[Holy Quran, Surah Al-Ikhlas, 114]

The first message of Surah Al-Ikhlas is Sincerity and Purity. Belief in Allah with Ikhlas as One & Only, laid foundation of belief and character alike.

Ikhlas International Schools aim to cultivate a firm belief in the Oneness of Allah, which generates sincerity, confidence, courage, humbleness and a caring attitude for humanity in kids. We seek Allah’s guidance to enlighten our generation with these attributes.      


To engage students in science through active learning in an Islamic learning environment where children are treated with love, kindness, and respect strengthening children’s critical thinking skills and Islamic core values.

Our Logo’s


The Indicant of Book in our logo signifies Holy Quran. It is to declare that our entire education is based on the commandments of the Holy Quran and our sole purpose is to promote the teachings and message of the Holy Quran.

Reading good books does not only civilize the society, but also embellishes and graces a personality. A friendly relationship with books takes a person to the height of sensibility and intellect. The Indicant of Book in our logo is highlighted significantly as there is no concept of education without a book!

Light is the central part of our logo as the more light of education is spread, the more the darkness of ignorance will be repulsed and the same is our objective.

who we are

Fastest growing Islamic School Network

We Provide Nation wide franchise of Islamic School System in Pakistan!

Frequently Asked Questions


We feel happy to answer your Questions. Contact our Customer care Service for more queries.

Opening a new school requires a learning curve, including perfect academic expertise, a proper understanding of management processes and system communication procedures, which you gain when you become an Ikhlas International Schools Franchise.

The Easy way to become an Ikhlas International Schools Franchise

Step: 1 Submission of Expression of Interest

Step: 2 Presentation on the project and discussion of a business plan by the head office.

Step: 3 Submission of application forms along with 50% of the License fee by cheque.

Step: 4 Signing of MOU/Agreement.

Step: 5 On-site visit by the operational team.

Step: 6 Orientation on operational manuals and training for directors, principals and teachers.

Step: 7 School Opening ceremony!

With our simple 4 step process, you can easily convert your existing school into an Ikhlas International Schools Branch.

  1. Express your interest in the Ikhlas Schools corporate office.
  2. Our team evaluates the premises to ensure that your school meets the criteria
  3. Upon selection, you sign our agreement and pay franchise license fee
  4. Receive our operational manuals, curriculum and pre-launch training.

Franchise corner

important milestones

Our Achievements

Ikhlas International Schools, One of the Fastest Growing Chain of Islamic Schools in Pakistan with 16 operational Campuses Nationwide


1 Campus 1 City

9 Campuses 4 Cities

After the first year of Establishment

9 Upcoming Campuses

Finalized and waiting to be in Operation in the academic year 2020-21

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